The Mass Between Us

Rhythm is also a feature of Naoshi Okura's sound- and lightscapes. In his search for a newlanguage, the artist has reduced his materials to light and sound. Light particles are so smallwe cannot feel them. For Okura, light is a mass that surrounds and connects us. Unlikelanguage, light has no semantic limitations, no frames defining an outside or inside. He usessound in the same way; since the human ear can only register frequencies between 20 hertzand 20 kilohertz, we cannot hear ultrasonic or infrasonic sounds, although the body can feelthe latter, as vibrations that resonate in the physical world. Using sound and light as his onlytools, Okura's environments offer opportunities to appreciate art without the use of language.His work aspires to expand human perception, allowing us to experience a new reality thathas previously been unavailable to us.

text: Marianne Zamecznik